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The Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Program (ASTIP) officially begins in 2013 and is directly supported by the Chinese central government. At the center of ASTIP is a new funding paradigm dedicated to supporting four specific objectives (Capacity Building/Supporting Long-term and Interdisciplinary Research/Expanding Research Support Facilities and infrastructure/ Fostering International Cooperation) over the next thirteen years.

As Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences is giving great impetus to develop the innovation program, 14 innovation teams of different fields have been established in China National Rice Research Institute, aiming to promote novel innovations and leverage research results to solve specific agricultural problems.

Rice Germplasm Resources
Super Rice Breeding
Rice Quality Genetic Improvement
Rice Functional Genomics
Rice Heterosis Mechanism
Rice Genome Module Creation
High Efficiency Rice Production
Rice Pests Management
Rice Quality and Safety Assessment
Rice Economy
Rice Reproductive Developmental Biology
Paddy Ecological Environment
Rice Chromosome Engineering and Genome Editing
Microbial Resource and Biopesticide
Research Groups
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